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dentelle_noir [userpic]
Fic: Short Blond Hair and Long Legs
by dentelle_noir (dentelle_noir)
at July 17th, 2009 (03:51 pm)

Written as a warm-up drabble that became a bit of one-shot. Somehow, this began while I was trying to write for the prompt ‘old fashioned’. It’s 600 words... drabble or One-Shot? Whatever it is, this is it:

Short blond hair and Long Legs.

Warnings: Vampire Trowa, child Q. Death of Q’s mother. Playing with the gendered spellings of the word 'blond'

Summary: Hungry for dinner, Trowa follows a waitress home and finds something else he was looking for.

Trowa licked one delicate fang, looking over his prey.